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Just like many people, we spend more than 8 hours a day working on our computers and are always searching for new ways to improve productivity. We find that the best way is to have powerful tools at our fingertips to efficiently control our workflow.

When we started this project, we began creating an interesting gadget just for fun. But after we finished the first prototype, we ended up with something that we believe everyone needs.

GeekHub is a small yet versatile EDC essential desktop hub designed to be used with Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers running mac OSx 10.6 or later. GeekHub provides 3 high-speed USB ports, making it easier to transfer data or connect with multiple devices together with programmable shortcuts, volume control, and plug-and-play setup.

If you are like us and listen to music all day, you can quickly adjust the volume and select songs. GeekHub makes media control much quicker and easier.

Imagine when your colleagues or boss comes to your workstation, you don’t need to use the mouse to search for the button to turn off the music or frantically click keys to lower the volume, just smoothly turn the knob on GeekHub, to quickly adjust the volume.

Ultra-versatile Type-C hub for most essential functions - music control, triple USB ports, and programmable button ...

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