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Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker



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Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil

It is an SSTC Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil. Every time the Tesla coil discharges, the air vibrates. When the frequency of the discharge changes, the frequency of the vibration also changes, resulting in different tones. 

Support Bluetooth Connect

Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil supports square wave music, square wave music is more suitable for Tesla Music Coil. Tesla coils produce different tones based on different discharge frequencies. Spark gap arcs can also jump to the rhythm of the music.

Simple & Safe Operation

The Music Tesla Coil has circuit protection settings, no need to ground, just plug it in and use it. Although this Music Tesla Coil is only 4.17 inches in size, it can emit a beautiful arc of 10 cm.

Note: flammable and explosive materials must be kept away.

Product parameters

Name: Tesla Coil 10

Power adapter: 110-240VAC50/60Hz

Input voltage: 48V-2A

Power: 0-100W

Lightning length: 0-10 cm 

Host size: 106*106*61mm

Logistics size: 350*235*195mm

Logistics weight: 0.9Kg

Product packaging

1 x Tesla Coil

4 x neon light bulbs

1 x Discharge Needle

1 x power adapter

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